LTD. GLASS STEEL main business is high-quality glass and metal structure designing and manufacturing. Company's stuff consists of professionals with more than 5 years experience in glass and metal construction production.

What we offer

  • Metal constructions:

         - production of standard and non-standard metal constructions from a small bench to massive bridge structures;

         - construction of elevator shafts;

         - railings of ladders and stairs from stainless steel, painted black metal and aluminum;

         - construction of canopies roofs, benches, wheel stands, etc.;

         - restoration of steel constructions.

  • Individual solutions for the glass constructions:

          - interior and sliding doors;

          - sliding walls;

          - glass stairs, railings;

          - shower walls;


  • High quality work for reasonable prices.

  • Ability to react quickly and according to your wishes and on demands of the market.

  • High quality installation work.

  • 2 years guarantee on all items and all the work done.